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Artist Profile: Tim Anderson – Chicago

For many years my husband and I have been really interested in, and have begun collecting painted portraits.  We’re starting a small collection which are lining our entryway and stairwell.  Most of the portraits are vintage and antique portraits, but we’re starting to mix in some new/contemporary works as well. A friend of ours who […]

Artist Profile: Irving Penn – Photographer

Feminine, chic, glamorous, and intimate.  I’ve been loving photographs of Irving Penn’s for a long time, but recently I’ve been loving the depth and intimacy of his images.  I ran across a quote of Penn’s which speaks to the power of his images: “Sensitive people faced with the prospect of a camera portrait put on […]

Artist Profile: Slim Aarons – Celebrity Photographer

Slim Aarons lived by the mantra “attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places.” And it’s true, he photographed some of the world’s wealthiest celebrities, jet-setters, and royalty, but somehow with a feeling of approachability and closeness.  From his NYTimes obituary it seems as though Slim had become one of them.  He was actually close […]

Artist Profile: Julie Blackmon

About a year and a half ago while at Art Chicago I ran across a new artist’s work that I fell in love with. Every few months her work comes back to mind, oftentimes when visiting a client with young children.  It’s the perfect blend of beauty, aesthetic intrigue, and yes, the perfect amount of […]